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weight watchers lasagna rolls

weight watchers lasagna rolls


Uncooked lasagna noodles


28 personal points

Fat-free ricotta cheese


8 personal points

Store-bought marinara sauce


8 personal points

Shredded fat free mozzarella cheese

1cup(s) 1 point 

This is a Simple 4 ingredient recipe  
Take your Box of 12 lasagna noodles
Cook then roll then out
Then lay down a layer of ricotta cheese on top of each rolled out noodle 
I seasoned (garlic powder, pepper)
Then top with your marinara sauce, and roll the lasagna noodle
Put a little more sauce on top and sprinkle with fat free mozzarella cheese
Notes: You could use zucchini instead of lasagna noodles to cut down on points
bake at 375 for 30 mins and broil last 2 mins

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