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Keto Boston Cream Mug Cake

Keto Boston Cream Mug CakeCake1 Tbsp Melted butter4 Tbsp Super Fine Almond Flour1 Tbsp Powdered Sugar Substitute (I use Swerve)1 tsp Baking Powder½ tsp VanillaEgg2 oz soften Cream CheeseCream Center1 box Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding2 cups Heavy whipping creamChocolate Topping½ to 1 cup Lily’s Milk Chocolate1 tsp MCT/143 Coconut oilInstructionsCakeSwirl the butter around in your mug of choiceAdd Almond Flour, Powdered Swerve, Baking Powder, Vanilla, egg, Cream CheeseMix together wellMicrowave for 90 secsPop out onto a plate and cut in half to create a top and bottom layer, let coolCreamWhile Cake is cooling, Mix HWC and Pudding together until light and fluffyChocolateMicrowave chocolate and coconut oil in 10 to 20 sec increments until melted.Add cream to the middle of cake and top with Chocolate. You can eat it immediately or cool to allow the chocolate to set.Soooo Delicious 

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