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Tomato Wedge Salad Recipe

As much as I’m grumbling over the change of seasons (grumble grumble) I have to say that I’m pretty excited that tomato season is finally upon us. I’ve been picking up some tasty heirloom tomatoes at my local farmers market for the past couple of weeks but the tomatoes in my garden are finally starting to ripen! I’m not a patient person so gardening is not really my forte, but I am always excited when the fruits are ready to harvest! If you’re a non-gardener like myself or even if you’re a pro, I thought I would share some tips and tricks today that can help you get through your tomato harvest without wasting a single one!

1.You don’t have to wait until your tomatoes are fully ripened to pick them from the vine. If they are partially colored you can pick the tomato and place it in a bowl on your counter and allow it to finish ripening. Just don’t leave it in direct sunlight!

2.Always store your tomatoes are room temperature and NEVER in the refrigerator! They will lose their flavor and turn grainy, which nobody enjoys. It’s best to use your tomatoes within 4-5 days of picking them.

3.If it’s the end of the season and you have tomatoes left on the vine that are barely colored (mostly green) you can bring them inside the house to ripen. Place them in a paper grocery bag in a single layer, top-side down. Roll the top of the bag over 2-3 times to close and clip with a safety pin. Place in a dry place and check the tomatoes every couple of days to see if they have ripened or to check for any that are starting to rot. You’ll want to remove any rotten tomatoes instantly so it does not spread to the other tomatoes.

The tomatoes in my recipe for today did not come from my garden but a local farmers market. You’ll want to go with a larger, beefsteak-type tomato for this as they will slice and hold the other ingredients well. Choose tomatoes that feature a firm flesh but that will yield slightly to gentle pressure.

I love that this Tomato Wedge Salad takes a slight twist on a traditional favorite! If you’re a tomato lover likely myself, you’ll appreciate that this salad is heavy on the tomato and light on the lettuce. Enjoy!


  • 4 lgTomatoes
  • 1 cupIceberg Lettuce, Shredded
  • ½ cupBacon Bits
  • 1 eaLitehouse Original Blue Cheese Dressing


Wash and dry the tomatoes.Slice each tomato into 6 wedges, leaving the bottoms of the tomato intact.Carefully spread open the wedges of the tomatoes and evenly divide the lettuce and bacon bits between each of the tomatoes.Drizzle each tomato with the dressing and finish with fresh cracked pepper and salt if desired.

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