Air Fryer Recipes

Egg muffins

Egg muffins in the air fryer.These are ideal for a quick breakfast/lunch or to pack in for school or work.They can be eaten cold or warm.INGREDIENTS:4 eggs1/4 cup cream4 rashers cooked bacon2 grated zucchini and the water squeezed out1/4 cup grated onion1/2 tomato, chopped1/2-1 cup grated mature cheddar2 tablespoons ParmesanSalt and pepper to tasteA generous shake of Ina Paarman ‘green onion seasoning’METHOD:Whisk the eggs, cream and seasoning together.Add the rest of the ingredients.Divide equally between 6-8 silicone muffin cups. My cups are small so I got 8.Air fry at 180 for 12 minutes.** You can use any filling of your choice. Ham, chicken, salami. Sweet peppers, spinach etc.**

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