Air Fryer Recipes

Air fryer toad in the hole


140g Plain flour

200ml Milk

4 large eggs

Salt and pepper to your taste.

2 regular sausages cut up (your favourites)

(Optional) Mixed herbs and onions


Preheat a pizza tray or similar with oil in your air fryer for 5-8 mins with sausages or without for regular Yorkshire pudding depending on your airfryer type (I use a cosori dual blaze). Set temp for preheat at max mine goes to 205c which is perfect for these.

After oil is hot pour in the mixture (my mix makes 2 big yorkshires) and cook for 10 mins at 205c. Do not open until 8 mins has passed then check if they are done to your liking. You can flip them once firm if the bottom isn’t fully done or take them out of the tray and cook a little longer separately.

Hope you enjoy 👍🏻

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