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Turkey Breast

Simple Turkey Breast I took a 4lb Turkey breast & thawed the day before Sat out of fridge pat dry Then I lightly sprayed Fryer Preheat to 3 50 then I just seasoned my Turkey with a little unsalted butter slightly melted on both sides lightly salted both sides & lightly used black pepper Optional additional seasoning I didn’t We like the plain Turkey taste Put in fryer breast or skin side down first 20 minutes then turn over cook 30 more minutes check temperature at 40 mins last to get a golden brown & still juicy you can add 5 to 10 mins if needed Fryers vary The reason I don’t add the extra seasonings I use any leftovers to make a small bowl of turkey salad Tip you can brush a little olive oil at the last to brown your turkey breast let stand 10 minutes before slicing It turned out moist & so delicious 😋

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