soul food



— 1 lb (ca. 454 g) shrimp — 1–4 sweet potatoes (depending on how many you’re serving) — Paleo seasoning or Primal Palate New BAE Seasoning — Tomatoes — Avocado — Spinach


Sweet potato:

Preheat broiler to 400F.

Make openings as far as possible around the yam with a fork.

Put the yam on the baking plate. Contingent upon the size of the yam, prepare for 50-an hour. It ought to be graceful. Eliminate it and keep it in a sealed shut holder assuming you’re putting away it. Shrimp:

Preheat stove to 400F.

In the wake of washing the shrimp, season them with 1 tablespoon of Primal Palate’s new BAE preparing or another paleo preparing mix.

A baking sheet ought to be showered or lined. Add shrimp. Cook for 15 minutes. Avocado, red pepper drops, sautéed spinach, and tomatoes are served on top.

Enjoy !

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