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Potato Cheese Pancakes


  • 1 lb Potatoes (With skins on; The skins will help retain flavor and nutrients.)
  • 1 tbsp Sweetened condensed milk (It is optional. Or you can mix 1 tbsp of heavy cream with 1 tbsp of sugar as a quick substitute.)
  • ½ cup cornstarch (Can also use potato starch. You may need to add 1 or 2 extra tablespoons of cornstarch if your potatoes are moisture.)
  • 2 tbsps sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 8 Ciliegine mozzarella balls (You can also use shredded mozzarella cheese instead.)
  • 2 tbsps Dark brown sugar
  • Cooking oil for pan frying
  • Roasted sesame seeds for decoration (Optional)
  • Serve with Butter or ketchup


  • Wash the unpeeled potatoes to remove any dirt. Place the potatoes in a medium pot, cover with cold water, put the lid on. Bring the water to a boil and cook the potatoes until they are fork-tender, usually around 25 minutes.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them in a colander and let them cool for a couple of minutes. Peel off the skins once they are not too hot to touch.
  • Mash the potatoes using a potato masher or a fork.
  • Add sweetened condensed milksalt, and sugar to the mashed potatoes, mix well.
  • Add cornstarch into the mashed potatoes, adding 1 tbsp at a time, ensuring thorough mixing before incorporating the next tbsp of cornstarch. Continue this process until you achieve a smooth and pliable dough consistency. (If the dough feels overly sticky, add more cornstarch. Conversely, if the dough cracks upon pressing, it is too dry, you can add a small amount of milk to enhance its moisture.)
  • Divide the dough into 8 equal portions, shape each portion of the dough into a ball. Then use your palms to press each ball into a disc shape.
  • Take a cherry-sized mozzarella cheese ball and roll it on a small plate of dark brown sugar, ensuring it is coated evenly. Wrap the sugared mozzarella cheese ball at the center of each portion of the potato dough, sealing it carefully to prevent any leakage during cooking. Repeat this process until all the potato dough is utilized. Flatten each potato dough portion into a pancake shape using your palms.
  • Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and add enough cooking oil to coat the bottom. Carefully place the potato cheese pancakes onto the hot pan. Cook for 4 minutes on each side, or until golden and crispy.
  • Once the potato cheese pancakes are cooked and golden brown on both sides, transfer them to a plate lined with paper towels to absorb any excess oil. Optionally garnish the pancakes with roasted sesame seeds or butter.
  • Serve hot but not burning hot.

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