Air Fryer Recipes

Pork Fillet

he Pork was taken from the fridge 30 mins before cooking. It cooks more evenly if you do this.Time for a glass of wine 🍷. Coat the pork with rapeseed oil, then put your stuffing mix over the meat.Pop the pork into the AF cook for 8 mins at 200C, then flip the meat over and cook for another 8 mins.Check the internal temp. Make sure its over 63C. Let the pork rest for 5 mins… Time for another glass of wine 🍷 JOB DONE.Serve with the veg & thick gravy.Result….The Boss (Wife👸👑) said the dinner was absolutely lovely 😍 👌. Which makes me feel good. Time for another glass of wine🍷.

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