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Peanut Butter Microwave Fudge Super Quick and Easy!

I’ve had so many requests for peanut butter candy that I decided to go ahead and make it and publish it. I mean, why not? It’s such an easy recipe that it didn’t take long. The peanut butter candy recipe can be assembled in about five minutes and is assembled in about two hours covered in the refrigerator. Fudge isn’t much easier than these people.

Do you like dulce de leche but don’t want the hassle of finding your candy thermometer and shaking it until you feel like you need an ice pack for your arm? Not to mention that if you don’t get that dulce de leche cooked to the right temperature for the right amount of time, you’re not going to end up with the creamy result you’re looking for. Instead, you’ll end up with chunks of granulated sand that you’ll have to throw away or pawn off on the neighbors!


A 1 pound box of confectionery sugar
2 T of butter
1/3 C milk
1 C peanut butter


Put the sugar, butter and milk in a large mixing bowl. Cook in the microwave for 2 minutes at a high temperature. Remove, beat the ingredients with the hand blender until combined. Put in the microwave for 30 more seconds, then add the peanut butter and mix by hand or with a mixer until combined. Spread out in an 8×8 tray lined with aluminum foil. Let it cool and then cut and ENJOY! Everyone will love this!!!!!

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