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Keto Pizza Puffs

Try these Supreme Keto Pizza puffs  with cheese, bell pepper, onion, sausage, and pepperoni! With only one net carb per serving, these keto pizza pieces make a delicious meal or simple appetizer.

I love munching on snacks. There is just something so much more enticing about adorable little bite-sized appetizers than a dish full of normal-sized meals. I always seize the chance to prepare appetizers for dinner because of this. For nights like that, my assortment of low-carb pizza puffs is ideal.

Pizza cravings are easily and deliciously satisfied by dipping into a tasty low-carb marinara!


These quick and simple keto pizza pieces are quite filling. This easy keto meal may be prepared with just a few basic ingredients:

cooked and drained Italian sausage
cheese, cream
Coconut meal
a baking soda
Italian spices
Pepper Bell
white onion
a dark olive
broken-up mozzarella

What To Do

  • First, combine the cooked sausage and cream cheese while your oven is getting ready.
  • The additional ingredients should be added after they have been thoroughly blended, and the mixture should be chilled for 10 minutes to give the flour time to absorb the moisture.
  • Drop(tiny cookie scoop) the batter onto a (when the mixture has chilled)buttered baking sheet.
  • When they are the ideal shade of golden brown, slather them with butter and Italian spice, and presto! Your keto supreme pizza bits are flawless!

Can Keto Pizza Bites Be Freezed?

Yes! Pizza bites made on a keto diet freeze beautifully. In the microwave, I reheat mine in 20-second intervals.

Making the greatest Low Carb Keto Supreme Pizza Puffs: Some helpful hints

These pizza puffs are easy to make and are made with real food. Here are some instructions to make sure you always obtain the ideal puff.

Don’t miss chilling the dough. If you do, puffs will flatten during cooking and lose their beautiful, round shape.

To prevent them from adding too much moisture to the batter, make sure to pat the olives dry before adding them to the recipe.
To ensure equal cooking and prevent sticking, I bake my pepperoni bits on sheets lined with silicon.
Put your preferred low-carb marinara sauce on them!


I dunk these low-carb pizza slices from Rao’s (not sponsored; I just adore it!) in marinara sauce.

A 36 serving yield. Nutritional information estimated per puff Serving Size: 91 calories FAT IN TOTAL: 7.1g 0g TRANS FAT 33mg of cholesterol SUGAR: 182 mg 1.5g CARBOHYDRATES 1.1g of net carbohydrates 0.4g of fibre GLUTEN: 0.5g 4.1g of protein

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