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keto homemade jam

keto homemade jam
 Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam (low carb, keto)

8 ounces diced strawberries
1/4 cup low carb sugar **(Swerve, Lakanto or sugar if not low carb)
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp lemon juice
3/4 tsp Knox Gelatin powder
Sprinkle the gelatin over the lemon juice to bloom.
In a small sauce pan over medium heat, combine the strawberries, sweetener and water. Stir to combine. Bring the strawberries up to a simmer then turn the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
Tear the bloomed gelatin into small pieces and stir into the strawberries to melt. Turn off the heat and adjust sweetness. Let cool.
Spoon the strawberry jelly into a clean jar, cover and refrigerate. Use within 2-3 weeks. Can be frozen and thawed in the refrigerator before using.
Makes 1 cup yielding 16 servings, 1 tablespoon each at 0.85 g NET CARBS.
** Sukrin :1, Swerve, and Lakanto are natural low carb sugar alternatives that do not spike blood sugar, so they are considered safe for diabetics. They also inhibit the growth of backteria, helping the jam to stay fresh longer. If you are not following a low carb diet, use sugar to taste.

 1Tbsp. | Calories: 57kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.15g | Protein: 0.66g | Fiber: 0.3g | Sugar: 0.68g

Sugar Free Blueberry Jam

▢2 cups / 300g blueberries, frozen or fresh
▢2 tablespoon water
▢juice of ½ lemon
▢2 pinches xanthan gum
▢optional: 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Put the blueberries, water and lemon juice (and vanilla, if using) in a non stick pan, cover and bring to a boil.
Remove the lid and cook on a medium heat for ca 15 minutes, stirring regularly. The mixture will reduce by ⅓ and thicken. Smash the berries with a spoon while they cook.
You can blend the mixture if you wish to have a smooth consistency. I like it the way it is, with a few bits and pieces in it.
At the end, take a couple of pinches xanthan gum and sprinkle it evenly into the pot, stirring well afterwards. Xanthan gum is a brilliant thickening agent and is also used in gluten free baking, so it does come in handy. You only need a tiny amount – it’s quite remarkable.
Pour the mixture into a clean jar and store in the fridge. This recipe fills a small (200ml) jar.
A this mixture makes 200g jam, I calculated 1 portion=14g=1tbsp.
Recipe Tip – How sweet your jam is will depend on the natural sweetness of your blueberries. If you find the jam is not sweet enough, feel free to add a teaspoon or two of powdered erythritol or 4-8 drops of stevia glycerite.
Serving: 14g
Calories: 11.3kcal
Total Carbohydrates: 2.7g
Protein: 0.1g
Fat: 0.1g
Potassium: 12mg
Fiber: 0.6g
Sugar: 1.9g

Raspberry Chia Seed Jam – Sugar-Free

8 oz frozen raspberries
2 tablespoon Swerve Sweetener
2 tablespoon water
2 tablespoon chia seeds
In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the berries, sweetener, and water. Bring to a boil and cook until berries are soft enough to mash with a fork. Mash to desired consistency.
Remove from heat and stir in chia seeds. Let cool. Transfer to a glass jar and refrigerate 2 to 3 hours to set.
Keep refrigerated. The jam will last up to a week.
Nutrition Facts
Raspberry Chia Seed Jam – Sugar-Free
Amount Per Serving (1 tablespoon)
Calories 13Calories from Fat 5
% Daily Value*
Fat 0.6g1%
Carbohydrates 2g1%
Fiber 1g4%
Protein 0.6g1%

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