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Here’s Why You Should Start Consuming Frozen Lemons

Some people have a habit of scooping out the lemon juice and discarding the skin of the fruit. But in reality, the nutrients that lemon zest includes have multiple virtues that must be preserved. To enjoy it, you can sprinkle your salads with lemon zest or mix them with the juice. Indeed, everything is good in the lemon and each part of the fruit participates in the prevention and treatment of certain conditions. To preserve the vitamins and minerals in lemons, you can opt for a tried and tested freezing method.

Before freezing, be sure to get organically grown lemons to avoid the presence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Ideal for people who add lemons to their cooking, this method allows you to incorporate whole citrus fruits later or grate the zest.
To freeze whole lemons, place them in a tightly sealed freezer bag. Then place the bag in the freezer.
To freeze lemon juice, squeeze the citrus and keep the zest aside. Put the juices obtained in small ice cube molds that you will place in a freezer bag. Then, grate the lemon peel and put the zest in a bag that you will seal tightly before placing it in the freezer.


Frozen lemon therapy helps fight many everyday illnesses to which we are frequently exposed, such as colds, infections and the flu. Many people prepare, for example, infusions of lemon peel. But you should know that this process causes the lemon to lose more than 40% of its properties. Conversely, if you freeze it, you will retain all its virtues, and you will be able to consume it more easily. 

It protects the liver

Containing flavonoids, lemon is a real liver ally. The liver is an extremely important organ that participates in many metabolic functions. Only the excess of alcohol and fat can disturb it. But researchers report that ingesting lemon juice benefits the liver and prevents alcohol-induced liver damage. Flavonoids and limonoids from citrus fruits and their juices may have potential for lowering high cholesterol. Animal studies have shown that some of them lower blood cholesterol10,11,19. However, these studies were not performed using compounds extracted directly from lemon or lime.


Containing citric acid, lemon prevents urolithiasis and prevents the development of kidney stones. Indeed, scientists demonstrate that citrate leads to the dissolution of non-obstructive uric acid stones.


Lemon peel has medicinal properties that have long been used to relieve many ailments. Anti-inflammatory, lemon peel soothes pain. According to one study, lemon peel is an effective remedy for pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.


Bloating and constipation can significantly affect the well-being of those who are prone to it. Containing pectin, but also citric acid, lemon accelerates the digestion mechanism. This is because citric acid stimulates the production of bile, helping the liver break down fatty foods more easily. Pectin protects the intestinal flora and improves the digestion process.

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