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Duffins Recipe


1 egg

60ml Milk

40ml vegetable oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

75g caster sugar

100g Self Raising Flour

For the filling and topping



20g melted butter

20g granulated sugar


Line your silicone cupcake cases with paper cases ( you can just use the silicone cases unlined)

Add your oil, milk, vanilla and egg to a bowl, using a hand mixer ( or hand whisk) mix to a smooth consistancy. Add your sugar and flour and mix briefly until just combined (don’t over mix at this point or you will form gluten and ruin it’s fluffiness)

Add a tablespoon of your batter mix to each cupcake case. Then add a teaspoon of your preferred filling, either jam, Nutella works brilliantly. Try to keep your filling in the middle of the batter or it will make your duffin split.

Using the remaining batter add a further tablespoon of batter on top of your filling.

Add your duffins to your air fryer and using your bake setting (temp 160) bake for 17 minutes, no need to preheat.

Don’t peek at them as they may sink if you open the drawer to soon.

Once they are baked and while they are still warm brush the tops with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. Let them cool down briefly as the filling may be hot but enjoy whilst still warm 😋 Thank me later 🤣

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