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Cheesy Taco Lasagna

Cheesy Taco Lasagna takes all your favorite taco ingredients like beans, salsa, cheese, and peppers and bakes them in layers of tortillas.

Yield Servings
Prep Time10minutes Cook Time40minutes Total Time1hour  5minutes CourseDinnerCuisineMexican inspired
AuthorSabrina Snyder


  • 2 pounds ground beef , 85/151 yellow onion , diced1 red bell pepper , diced1 green bell pepper , diced4 tablespoons taco seasoning , 2 packets1/2 cup water18 tortillas , flour or corn, 6 inch2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 cans pinto beans , drained and rinsed1 cup corn4 cups salsa4 cups cheddar cheese , shredded

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and spray a 9×13 baking pan with cooking spray.

  • In a large Dutch oven add the ground beef, onions and both bell peppers and cook until the ground beef is fully cooked through, breaking it apart as it cooks then add in the water and taco seasoning mixing it in well and stirring it together.In a large skillet add the vegetable oil and fry all the tortillas to crisp them up on both sides on medium heat, 20 seconds on each side.Add the salsa to your food processor and puree it until it is mostly smooth, then start layering the lasagna.Layer in the order of salsa, tortilla, beef mixture, cheese, beans, and corn ending with a topping of tortilla then a bit of salsa and a big handful of cheese.Bake for 40-45 minutes then cool for 15 minutes before cutting and serve with and toppings you’d like including more salsa, sour cream or green onions.

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