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Air Fryer Cheesy Garlic Crumpet Tear ‘N’ Share

The ultimate comfort meal for an easy late-night dinner, this crumpet tear ‘n’ share bake is packed with plenty of melted cheese and a healthy dose of garlic.


I love the texture of a crumpet, and this easy tear ‘n’ share is a perfect alternative when you are this close to ordering a pizza on a Tuesday night. Hopefully this cheesy, garlicky number will satisfy any greasy pizza cravings and save you money at the same time. I’ve suggested this serves 3–4, but it will do just as well for two hungry people.


6garlic cloves, crushed
100glight butter
pinch ofsea salt
handful offreshly chopped parsley
100ggrated mozzarella cheese (preferably reduced-fat)


In a bowl, combine the garlic, butter, salt and parsley.

Spread all of the crumpets with the garlic butter. Top half of the crumpets with a little mozzarella, then sandwich together with the remaining crumpets. Cut the crumpets in half and scatter in an ovenproof dish, there is no art to it so organise in whatever way you like.

Top with the remaining mozzarella.

Air-fry at 180°C for 8–9 minutes, then tear and share the life out of it!

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